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My photographic journey started whilst at Sixth Form College in 2001/2002 when I produced video diaries of my work experience at a local nature reserve. After leaving Sixth Form and the need to progress towards a chosen career I applied and was accepted to attend Riseholme College.  It was whilst at Riseholme I began to concentrate more on still images which I incorporated into my assignments which also contributed into gaining the top grade in all my coursework along with the Best Overall Student Award.  I found I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs along with the challenges of capturing the right shot and the resulting image that it spurred on my passion for photography to the point where I decided to take a 2 year Photography Course at Lincoln University again earning top grades and awarded the Best Overall Student Award.  In 2004 whilst on the course I participated in the Amateur Photographer magazine competition which involved going to London and taking photographs at various sites and actually won the Competition. Soon after completing the course I was awarded both the Licentiateship Award with the Royal Photographic Society and the British Professional Photographers Association award. 

In 2009 I was introduced to HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne who was very complimentary about my work. Over time my work has been featured in numerous magazines including front covers, for advertising purposes as well as in exhibitions and publications around the world as well in the UK, the most recent exhibition being at The Photography Show at Birmingham NEC.

Inspired by the likes of Don McCullin, Ansel Adams, Charlie Waite and Hiroshi Sugimoto I also continue to be inspired by the way we read and explore different shapes and tones both in monochrome and colour.  I also feel more of the emotional and energy side of the environment that these (shapes, colours and tones) are set in but yet tranquil for myself to engage with their personality and be at one with them.  This is something I feel we do not see every day and yet it is something that we as people are searching for within ourselves but struggle to find due to our negativity and high speed of life trapping us from finding our real selves to escape out of. 

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