A February update

I thought I had better do a short update of what I have been up to as it has been quite an intriguing first few weeks of 2019!

At the moment, things have been hectic with my Hull Project. I have discovered more things about Hull that I never knew about and also areas of Hull that I have never touched before until now also, and there is still a lot more to discover! I intended to write a short blog about this adventure, but it has turned out a bit more bigger than expected, so I will keep everyone up to date with what happens with this project!

A winter sunset evening recently captured on my tour round. ©David Neve.

Also really looking forward to the upcoming months with some new places to create some new work and also returning to two further countries of which one of them I had a very big dream to visit for many years and unexpectedly had the chance to go and see the country that I had dreamt of to visit in my lifetime of which I took and went to visit for 10 days. It is still my top 3 of all time. Which country is it? All will be revealed in a blog post within the next couple of months..

Soon resuming is my Batquaman project. The project to give the lowdown of what it is about is a local swimmer and friend of mine called Ben. Ben is unique because although he appears a normal gentleman, but he & myself share one thing in common that makes it a lot harder for the public eye to see: Autism.

Ben in his Batman Suit looking to the sky in contemplation. ©David Neve.

Ben has always loved swimming since he was young. But three years ago, he decided to take up swimming in a more serious manner and has joined a special local group that train and compete in swimming nationwide. within his first year of swimming, he got selected to compete in the Special Olympics that was held in Sheffield in 2017 and with his background battles, succeeded and was winning gold medals in a long hosts of galas and the special olympics. His feat and continuation of his desires has truly inspired so many around him. What I saw in him reminded me of... Myself in the past. His most inspiring character of all is batman because of at least his no fear attitude to everything.

Also have some other things in the pipeline with a launch next month of my own YouTube Channel where you can get more detail of following my adventures as I take on various photo tasks and guides. More to come on this.

Many have asked about my artwork and where they can see more. Will soon be launching a special place on this website where you can see and purchase works from myself.

Will shortly will be launching the workshops that many people have asked for and also specialised talks and lectures.

That is all for now, but keep a look out for the next post, which will really open more of the above news!

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