A rewarding surprise!

As I always seem to do, I was just ploughing away through my work, editing and checking through everything and what I often also do is to do a search on google of myself (there is a name for this but cannot remember what it is known as!) and usually check my images religiously for any unexpected infringements or problems as this can happen nowadays sadly. I came across one of my images Harry's Rocks, which is a monochrome piece of work and then looked at the website and I was stunned! I checked everything to do with the competition in my e-mails and found them in my junk files, which said winners announced and showed some fo the winners and I thought oh... So I clicked on the link in the announcement e-mail and went onto my account and there I saw and confirmed the unexpected surprise... I had received two world nomination awards for my work!

Harry's Rocks

The first one of the two awarded images in this competition is titled Harry's Rocks. Now this work was created way back in 2013 when I went on my first ever exploration of Dorset both casually and photographically. I was amazed at some of the locations that myself and my photographic sidekick Astrid had discovered of this amazing area! We went around Harry's Rocks area early one morning of which it was quite a trek to reach the area from the car! Going along lanes, tracks and paths early hours of the morning to find the perfect view before the sunrise began. It was quite a challenge as we were faced with winds and quite unexpected cliff edges and I really wanted somewhere that I could capture really nicely on film also. The scene of some of the cliff stacks cut off away from the mainland cliff edge was quite a spectacle to me and it was a great moment with the light to try out a square format for a neater composition and the lighting opportunity to do so.

Harry's Rocks. Taken on a Hasselblad 501c with 80mm Lens. Film was a Kodak tri-x 100. The very first ever image taken from a Hasselblad to receive an award.

Alexander's Bay 2

Back in 2017, I had the opportunity to revisit one of the most unusual countries I have ever visited, Bermuda. The island of pink beaches, forts, sun and tropical, it is certainly a country of beauty, but also a country of pure tears in financial terms due to its tax rates being the highest in the world! But with rewarding scenes of sea, sand and tropical it is one that you certainly do feel rewarded. I remember this moment of looking at a cannon and its battery at Alexander's Bay which was very interesting to look around and see, however just a few metres down from the cannons, there was a small ledge / landing area that I just could not resist exploring and thought that I may be able to make something from the area. When I decided to try and create something the heavens opened up harder! From wind at the speed of a jet engine trying to take off through to rain as heavy as Niagara Falls, the situation was certainly against myself and my special helper / assistant and wonderful friend Jo, but I knew if I did not get this, it would be a very long time before it gets like this again. After a torturing 25 minutes, I came away with something I got super excited about. When I got back to base and looked at it on my computer screen, it was phenomenal and something I didn't expect to create whilst out there in harsh conditions! It goes to show that sticking it out in harsh weather is rewarding at times!

Alexander's Bay, Bermuda. The pureness of quality can be found in even the harshest of weather.

What is coming up in my next posts:

- Hull - My walkthrough guide to what I see and take of Hull, East Yorkshire UK.

- An announcement about a new set of activities based upon getting requested so many times over a long time.

- End of year 2018 overview

I want to say a huge thank you to all my followers, readers, friends and family for all your support and see you all on my next post!

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