A simple refreshing start to 2021

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Well over quite a 2020 year, I felt it was time to give a whole makeover to the site in general including a new logo.

Myself (David Neve) looking onwards to the Humber Bridge.
Looking to the new future which evolved and created during the Pandemic Lockdown. ©David Neve

A lot of has certainly happened with thanks to the pandemic that had occurred over the year, this had however allowed me to catch up with everything and reflect on the work I had done in the past. I have decided to reignite some of my projects that I have started on a few years ago. One of them is of my trip to the wonderful Balearic Island of Menorca. I had visited this beautiful island twice in my time. My first adventure there was 2010 of which it was a trip that had really opened my eyes and thinking in photography. 5 years later, another chance came to return back to Menorca of which I did return. On the second trip, it was quite a nice refreshing view of Menorca with a different thinking. As a result of this, I plan to put a final collection of the works together of which I am thinking of creating a small memento of the visits there.

Another part I have been partly working on is a darkroom of my own. One of the big attractions to me over my education of photography was the darkroom practices I had to do. That mind and thought in the production processes is quite a drive and excitement to see the final product, that point of birth of an image coming to realisation on paper. This I am certainly missing. Will keep you all posted on progress!

Over the beginning of this year, I have mostly been working away on office work during lockdown. But also however, I have finally gone into the mirrorless world of cameras. Over the 2020 black Friday sale I managed to pick up myself a Canon EOS R camera with 24 - 105mm Lens. Finally feeling that the Canon EOS 5D Mk4 is not on it's own, the Canon EOS R is a complimentary side kick to the Mk 4 as it is lighter and more easier to take about when size and ease of use matters like street photography or exploration where minimal weight matters. I shall be doing a write up about the camera at some point this year.

A Hamster in it's roll cage exploring an empty tiled floor.
The picture I had taken in 2011 whilst visiting relatives in Bermuda of their pet hamster in his roll cage. I took the picture as it triggered self-isolation in my head and thinking about loneliness also. I never thought it would relate so strongly to the Covid Pandemic Lockdown and the feeling of Self-isolation again but this time wanting to go and explore the world around us with nothing to do in entertainment terms and having to shield ourselves. ©David Neve

Over the year since lockdowns began here in the UK, it has certainly been an experience and a half of going through national protection measures but yet the time has allowed me to rethink and reflect on many things. Whilst going through my image catalogue, I saw a picture I had captured in Bermuda almost 10 years ago which at the time it reminded me of self-isolation. As I reviewed the image now, I never thought I would suddenly sum up the feeling of today's view of the lockdown measures and life in the current world of covid. The image reminds me of how we want to get about to places but there is no where to go with limited distance and we have to have a protective bubble around ourselves. There is a way out of the covid pandemic and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, we just need to take good care and hold on for a bit more longer.

Last year, I did start my YouTube channel finally! But I had to hold on when the pandemic struck due to a variety of issues that plagued over the pandemic. Now however, I have made an upgraded investment into a new small vlogging camera. Looking forward to putting the camera through it's paces as I can finally resume with creating episodes for the channel.

Sun peering through to the river Humber.
Dark Humber ©David Neve

There will soon be more galleries to come on with works available to purchase from this site and / or links to special ones and certain unique edition ones.

It just leaves with one of my newest creations of work that I have done recently with the Canon EOS R camera titled: Dark Humber.

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