Hull and Banksy

Well my 2018 has been of to quite an exciting start! with first a new small set of images created whilst seeing the UK city of Peterborough whilst I was there judging a local photographic competition for Peterborough Photography Society. I must admit Peterborough is a surreal town. I never realised how important the city is to learning the Jurassic period of earth's life.

After January's wildness of office work I managed to finally get back out shooting again and continuing to produce new work of the Hull Project which came with a little surprise turn! When I was about to start with the planning work, I caught news that the world famous street artist Banksy was in Hull! The work was discovered on a disused drawbridge. After a job I did over the weekend, I planned to get over as soon as possible which the work occurred on Thursday 25th January which that weekend on the Sunday night / Monday morning, the art work was vandalised with paint and when a local window cleaner had caught wind that it was still wet lept into action and saved the unusual art work! When I got to the work on that Monday morning it was secured with perspex by the council. It was also incredible how the window cleaner got literally all the paint off and kept the art work intact!!! I was amazed at the incredible response of visitors to the art work. Hull's direction of art and culture is still gaining strength in my eyes.

But February is one that is going to be quite a month to remember in many ways! you will see what it is in my next post! Have fun!

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