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I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe in these uncertain times. It has been 12 weeks since official lockdown began here in the UK and recent times of a cautious relaxation of the Lockdown rules, but I cannot stress how important it is that we must watch out and look after each other in the face of the awful plight of this virus. The only thing I need to say is that all workshops and lecture's are postponed until further notice and knowing in hope of better times post-pandemic. I shall keep you all updated on that front as and when the new advice and rules change.

Update: What have I been up to

It has been quite a hectic few months of travelling around and creating new work both in UK and Spain before the lockdown in the UK and Europe began.

Although whilst coming back on my second return trip to Spain in just two weeks of being in South of the country before, I had learnt that the current pandemic of the Corona virus had claimed a life in the city of Valencia where I had just come back from on 9th March. Soon afterwards in just days, Spain went into lockdown and the UK was preparing to go into lockdown, which the UK officially did do only two weeks later.

So at the moment I am working on a few things of my own projects which I have been wanting to continue with but never had the chance to resume them. In that process, I am also looking through some of my artworks that I have created in the past and also with brand new works that I had created over the last couple of years and that I never really got the chance to sit down and go through them properly. It is also quite nice that I can get the chance to go through and update everything I need to update accordingly, which is usually done mostly in January or July when I usually have a more easier pace of life.

On my look through of my artworks, some that do stick out was one that I had created in Bermuda three years ago which I have titled "Alexandra's Bay 1". It was a very wet and blustery storm weather day! My wonderful friend Jo who was my assistant and sidekick for the trip had taken me to an area called Alexandra's Bay, which originally we went to see the old military battery which is disused and it was when we

My final competed art piece Titled: Alexandra's Bay 1. ©David Neve

went just around the corner from the battery was a small little beach that has a very small dock of which when I looked up and saw the scene of the storm coming over it was quite a sight and suddenly went into overdrive, when the emotion of the area started to infect me. I knew I had to capture this storm somehow as it is well renowned for the weather and storms of the infamous Bermuda Triangle and it's stories that are told. It was only when I got back to base and looked more through the works when I realised what I had caught which wasn't just the storm and it's anger of wind and rain, but I had also caught the magical colours of the sea and what there is of the sky. It really felt that I had opened and captured an important vail of hope.

Another piece of work I have finally managed to have a look at and to finally make into the final art piece was some work that I had created back in December 2019 whilst exploring Belgium with my photography friend and had the chance to revisit the beautiful world of Bruges. There, in the beginning of December, was the magical sights of the Christmas markets and festivities as well as its historical streets, architectures and lifestyles. However, at one point, we decided to break out the Bruges mould and go into the countryside of

My newest art piece Titled: Fantasyland. ©David Neve.

Belgium, something I have never had the real chance to explore as apart from Antwerp, I have visited the other main cities of Belgium. When we arrived at a river in the early hours, it was really wonderful of the trees and the landscape. When we started to explore and walk down this lonely track along the trees and the river, the whole world we were looking at changed before our eyes, it felt like we were removed from the real world and it's reality and placed into a magical story tale of a fantasy book or similar! Life felt to have stopped still and got part exchanged for something better is the closest thinking I can describe. The trees stood proud, the river became reflective and the tonal shift of primary colours was a spectacle to see. The feeling and the communication that this mysterious magical scene was speaking to me was something I have not experienced before. This lasted for a good three hours before the mist and fog started to fade and lighting became more warmer as the wintery day went on and brought us back to reality. The brand new work I have titled "Fantasyland" because to me it really did feel that moment of going into this dream of what I have always envisioned whether it is in real time or from stories and that moment in time that is very hard to find and I felt that I had achieved a snapshot of my journey into the surreal world in the limited time that I was in that moment. This new work has unexpectedly brought me some recent success.

Acceptance into a first ever virtual exhibition and a new Solo Exhibition

I had a really nice surprise to be told that my new work "Fantasyland" has been chosen for a special exhibition in Athens, Greece recently. It was a really nice surprise as 5 years ago this month, I was also chosen for an exhibition at the same gallery in Athens, Blank Wall Gallery. Back then, I actually went out to Athens to see it and used the opportunity to create new work, which was certainly worth the trip out to see and do. Greece is somewhere I would like to return to again one day. The current exhibition will also be a virtual online exhibition, which is also my first ever time having my work shown in this way so will be interesting to learn from this experience. When it is all launched and on display, I shall post a link to the exhibition page to see the display.

I also cannot believe it was also three years ago also when I held my first ever solo exhibition at The Steel Rooms, Brigg and the exhibition titled: "Ruralbanlife" which is a collection of rural landscapes and countryside works that I had created over many years and also the Urban work I have done also that has had a lot of success over the years to that point. The exhibition ran for 3 weeks from Launch day 17th June 2017 to 8th July 2017. The solo exhibition was a critical one for me as it would be the start of my first ever solo exhibition and I wanted to do one in my hometown and county before starting to go elsewhere if successful with solo exhibitions. The exhibition also allowed the local people who I know and have worked with to see when they learn of when I travel around the globe and also explore different places in the UK with what I create and it had in a really wonderful way stunned with amazement to the local people of the work I do, even friends and customers of my other photography side of equestrian events and weddings made an effort to see the work which to me was so uplifting that the people made an effort to see the special collection of work. This has given me the real view of positivity that I need to go forward in my photography career. And recently I had received a really nice unexpected surprise on the exhibition front.

The surprise is I can now formally announce that I will be having another solo exhibition! This will be my second solo exhibition and my first ever one away from home. Another unusual point about this new solo exhibition is that it is going to be held in Kent, a county that I have only visited once when I went to Royal Tunbridge Wells earlier this year in March.

The exhibition will be for two weeks and will open on 25th November 2021 and ends on 8th December 2021 at the McGillian and Woodell Gallery in Ramsgate, Kent. More details of the exhibition to come and you can click here to see more details about the gallery (opens in new tab / window).

What is coming

Finally, I have been woking on some episodes of the Youtube channel of which is taking time to shoot and create the footages, edit and go through to make sure it flows ok so there will soon be some episodes coming onto the channel. Click here to go to my youtube channel and click subscribe when new content comes on (opens in new Tab).

Also, soon there will be a new store page on this site where you can make a purchase of some of my works that will become available including some new plans of special edition prints. The galleries will soon take more shape and updated so do stay tuned!

For now, I want to stay please stay safe and keep well during these uncertain times and we will come out of this.

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